Mechanical Pencils for Your School Store

Mechanical pencils are usually made from plastic and have a receptacle to store graphite lead.  They are favored by students for many reasons:  They are economical; typically there are 3 leads in a mechanical pencil, they’re practical because they never need sharpening; just advance the lead for a fresh sharp point.  Mechanical pencils last a long time because they can be refilled.  Mechanical pencils come in several point sizes; while .7mm lead is the standard, there is also .5mm lead for fine writing and .9mm lead for a broader write.

Mechanical pencils are available in many different designs and colors ranging from NFL or assorted professional sports to standard Bic Mechanical Pencils and Papermate Mechanical Pencils.  There are mini and earth friendly mechanical pencils.  Choose a “side click” or “click top” lead advance style.  Many customers prefer a mechanical pencil with a built in grip like the Metallic Grip Mechanical Pencil.

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Customized Pencils for Your School Supply Store

There are many school supplies that are considered a little mundane despite the fact they are a “must have” in order for students to complete their work. One such supply would be the common, ordinary pencil which is so commonplace in school it can be taken for granted. Make every day school pencils STAND OUT!  Imprint school pencils with your school name and mascot. In addition to school pencils providing students with a unique writing instrument, the school itself can benefit thanks to the promotional nature of personalized pencils and their fundraising value.

Let’s take a closer look at the value these personalized pencils have to offer:

Custom school pencils are exactly what their name implies. These pencils have a school name or message and mascot unique to your school. Once imprinted, these customized pencils can then be sold in your school’s supply store. Every student that uses a school pencil feels a little more school spirit every time they write.

What would these personalized pencils say? Really, there are no limitations. The school’s name or slogan, inspirational words and phrases, the school’s mascot, or other visual images can be imprinted on pencils. Customized pencils reflect a personalized image that is unique to your school alone.

School pencils have a great deal of promotional value.  Besides selling them at school, you might distribute them in the community to draw attention to what’s happening at your school. One possibility is to imprint pencils with all the game dates listed for a specific school sport.  By circulating custom imprinted school products in the community, you may find the local community starts attending the school’s games and events. The added ticket sales to school games could definitely prove to be a huge help for those schools in need of generating revenue.

Custom school pencils are relatively inexpensive. They can be produced and delivered to your school for as little as 15¢ each.  The low price of producing the pencils boosts the fundraising potential.  School pencils can retail for 25¢: that’s a profit of 10¢ per pencil!

Never overlook the value of creativity in the design of personalized pencils. Standard, run of the mill, generic pencils may be functional but they can be purchased anywhere. With the right slogan or image, you can make your school pencil truly memorable. Custom school pencils are far more appealing since they can only be acquired from your school supply store.

For any school wishing to raise promotional awareness or simply raise school funds, offering customized pencils can prove to be a perfect – yet simple strategy. One of the best aspects of promotional pencils is that people always use them. Unlike hats or mugs, customized pencils won’t find their way into a closet where they will remain sight unseen. Of course, at some point, pencils do need to be replaced which means they are year’ round sellers. Once you list all the benefits of customized pencils, you realize that having an ample supply of them in the school store is a wise idea.

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Custom Imprinted Products for Your School Store or School Fundraiser

Fundraising for schools has become an established way to pay for extracurricular activities such as school field trips or needed school supplies that are not in the typical school budget. One way to accomplish fundraising is to sell custom imprinted products that are emblazoned with the school name and mascot in school colors. Student Supply is the place to find and order these personalized products for your school. They are established in providing the best products for fundraising as well as school supplies that are needed every day in the classroom.

Custom imprinted backpacks, bumper stickers, silicone bracelets and sports bottles are just a few of the school spirit items that students just have to have to show pride in their school! The sales from products imprinted with school names and mascots can be very successful in helping schools meet their fundraising goals.  These items can be used as prizes and awards for contests in school. One of the most popular custom imprint products is school dog tags.  Students will wear them proudly! Organizations within the school such as band or sports teams offer imprinted school products to raise funds for uniforms or equipment.

Pencils, bookmarks, and notebooks imprinted with positive messages can be used to help students complete a goal or series of goals such as behavior improvement or perfect attendance.  Create a custom imprinted award by designing a zipper clip with the message; “Student of the Week” or handing out key chains to academic achievers that say “Honor Roll”.

Personalized and or custom imprinted school supplies will make students feel like they are part of the group because they are participating in school spirit.  Identity is important and when students identify with the school or team, they will have a better attitude which carries over into school work. One item that teachers and staff use to promote identity is an imprinted lanyard.  Personalized lanyards can be imprinted with the school name and mascot and they are available in many school colors.  If all school personnel and volunteers wear a school lanyard, it becomes easy to spot someone who doesn’t have authorization to be in the building.  Pens, pencil pouches and folders are used extensively in the school setting.  Have these items available in your school store with the school name in school colors and students will be showing their school spirit everyday!

Designing a specific custom imprint for a group of students or school to use as a fundraiser is a great way to teach lessons about how the process works. Students can create their own ideas and have Student Supply transfer those designs to stadium cups, buttons, tattoos or any of the many custom imprint products available.  Imprint products are a great way to involve students, parents, staff and faculty of schools in raising funds for needed school supplies and equipment to benefit the school and the students for years to come.

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Project Boards and Science Fair Boards For Your Student

Among the most common types of school projects students are assigned are project boards for science fairs. A science project board allows the student to give others a visual explanation for a particular question, experiment, or theory. A student breaks their project board down into sections that help the viewer understand the science project from beginning to end.

First, the student titles their board. Header boards are often used for adding an exciting title to a project by giving projects a 3 dimensional quality as well as added stability.  Along with the title, the student will display the hypothesis of their science project. Next, the student will include other sections on the board, such as the materials that were used in the science experiment and the steps that were taken as a part of the experiment. Next, the student would display the data that they’ve obtained from their experiment. They’d also detail the results of their experiment on their science fair boards.

Since project boards are in such high demand, many retail stores carry these for sale. However, the demand for project boards makes them a bit expensive. Parents would be surprised to learn how much of a retail mark-up stores place on the boards simply because they’re so popular. For example, a retailer might purchase project boards from their distribution source at $1.50 per board. However, the retailer might mark up the price of the project board to $7.00 or $8.00! Since the student must turn in a project board to pass their science class, parents have no choice but to purchase such expensive boards!

However, there is a way teachers can help to save their students money while raising funds for school. Teachers can purchase project boards online at deeply discounted prices. Besides science fair boards, teachers can also purchase other necessary classroom items, such as pencils, pens, notebooks, etc. It’s very common for teachers to start a classroom school supply store, especially since many teachers find that they simply can’t afford to supplement student school supplies out of their own pockets anymore.

In the past, students were given a list of school supplies to bring to class. However, there are always students who don’t bring all of their necessary supplies to school because their parents can’t afford to purchase them or students end up losing their pens, pencils and other supplies well before the end of the first semester of school. In these instances, teachers have often found that they’ve had to purchase crucial student supplies using their own money since most school districts pay little or nothing for these expenses.

In today’s economy, teachers simply can’t afford to supplement the cost of school supplies. Therefore, many teachers have found that it’s best to simply resell school supplies at a very reasonable price via their own classroom stores. Not only do the earnings from classroom school supplies help to purchase more supplies, but any profit from these sales can be used for all sorts of things, such as class trips, pizza days, in-class contest prizes, etc. Using a formal fundraising program by selling science fair boards is an excellent way for teachers to help a class reach its financial goals while making sure that all of the students have access to affordable school supplies.

Teachers find that by selling project boards for fundraising purposes, they can make a nice profit while still saving their students money. Check out the price of science project boards in a retail store near you to get an idea of what they are selling for.   Now you know where you have to be on the price of project boards in your school store

Starting a classroom school supply store offers advantages for students and teachers. Students will always have access to their most crucial school supplies at an affordable price. Teachers can rest assured they can provide their students with their school supplies in a manner that is cost efficient. Best of all, the profits that are earned through the sale of project boards or other school supplies will help a classroom earn money for its desired needs, or for the needs of others in the community.

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Classroom Supplies Every Teacher Must Have

The importance of classroom supplies for both teachers and students is underscored by the economic realities of today. Many students in elementary grades are not able to afford the basic school supplies due to low incomes in their households. This leads to the teacher or school supplying paper, pens, pencils and other supplies that are needed for them to accomplish the work they are assigned. Many schools are incorporating recycling of paper and other items to save money. Companies donate classroom school supplies for school children to use and this is greatly appreciated by teachers and parents alike.

Most classes in elementary schools have at least twenty five or thirty students. Each of these students needs paper, pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, crayons, markers and other supplies every day. Organizational school supplies such as notebook dividers and notebooks to keep track of written work are also important. Teachers usually require students to keep journals in composition notebooks of either assigned topics to write on or events that occur in their lives. Younger students are often asked to draw pictures of their life, friends or stories that are being taught.  Crayons, colored pencils, art paper are all important school supplies to have on hand in the classroom for students that need them.

Fundraising products and motivational classroom supplies are also needed. Motivational pencils, bookmarks and medallions are used to reward students for meeting goals and doing well on assignments. These items work well with students of all ages and help them to achieve goals in academics, reading or life skills.

One of the best places to find school supplies is from an online supplier of promotional and classroom supplies. Student Supply works with educators to supply materials for efficient work at school as well as high quality fundraisers to raise money for needed equipment and supplies. Backpacks, dog tags, tee shirts, pens, pencils and folders emblazoned with a school’s mascot in school colors is their specialty. Student Supply provides schools with quality fundraising ideas to raise money and motivate students to do their best work.

Students need to have access to quality materials in order to do their best and increase their grade point averages which in turn leads to better jobs and more money when they enter the workforce. Educators can purchase quality materials by ordering their classroom school supplies at Student Supply. Educators who use motivational materials in classrooms often find that academic performance is increased and students are more motivated.  Often these materials can be incorporated into the lessonsProfit from the sale of school supplies can be an important fundraiser to fund class field trips or other special events.

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Student Participation in Your School Store

Encourage student participation through internships.

Running a school store is like running any other business, and one aspect to running a business is axiomatic: Good help is hard to find! One potential solution to this dilemma that is a win for you as the store operator, and a win for your student help, is to offer formalized internships.

Many students demonstrate an interest and an aptitude for business early on and may already be planning their college and career future around the idea of entering business as a profession. An internship can provide valuable experience while building that all-important work ethic. You can help lay the foundation for these future business leaders.

In order to be successful, an internship should be formalized, structured, and rewarding. It isn’t enough to just invite students to help and call it an internship. You need to create a process that includes guidelines, incentives, and rewards. Start with the following and then integrate your own ideas:

Draw up a formal internship agreement. This would outline the responsibilities of both you as the mentor and the student as the intern. Job responsibilities, number of hours involved, rewards offered, etc.

Develop a formal job performance / evaluation process. Regular evaluations help your interns improve, and all of us appreciate regular input. This will also help prepare them for the future, as it is a common practice in the working world. Be mindful, though, that these are young people so your approach should be more delicate than it might be with an experienced working adult.

Write an operating manual for your store; your “policies and procedures”, so your students have a guideline to turn to. You may even ask your interns to participate in the development of the document. It will give them a sense of ownership in the process.

Approach your school administrators with the idea that your internship be incorporated in some way in to the curriculum, perhaps as an elective or as extra credit for an existing business class. This provides an incentive for students to participate. You can further encourage students by noting the value of this type of activity at college application time.

Some caveats:

Be sure to check your local labor laws. There are restrictions in place regarding the number of hours and the times of day a student can work. These vary by state, so look in to yours.

Get parental permission. While the vast majority of parents will be glad for their child to acquire this valuable experience, this is still a necessary step. Be sure that this permission agreement outlines what your intern will be doing so there is no future misunderstanding.

There are likely many other ideas that you can incorporate in to your specific program, so treat your internship as an evolving process.

Student Supply is your school fundraising partner!

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Custom School Pencils

Student Pride Soars with School Imprinted Products!

Every school should have their very own school pencil complete with school name and mascot in school colors.  Wood case pencils are available in over 50 school colors.  If you don’t have a school mascot, choose on of our mascots; there are over 100!  

Personalized pencils are an ongoing school fundraiser; they’re a top seller year after year.  Add imprinted pencils to your school store product line or fill up an automatic Pencil Dispenser with school pencils and they will sell themselves!

Custom School Pencils have a low minimum order, a quick 2 week delivery and, as always, SHIPPING is FREE!  Order online or call us toll free; 800-426-6351.  Our customer service representatives are eager to help.



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School Fundraising With School Water Bottles For Successful School Fundraisers

How To Raise Thousands For Your School Fundraiser With Our Personalized Water Bottles.


1. Spirit Boosting School Fundraiser - Your school name and
mascot can be imprinted on both sides of our plastic water bottles.
Mix lid and bottle colors to match school colors! Take advantage
of school pride and school spirit for fundraising in schools with these
fantastic water bottles.

2. “Green” School Fundraiser – Reduce waste by deleting the need
for disposable plastic water bottles. Our water bottles are dishwasher
safe and made from reclaimed plastic beverage and food containers.
Not only are they made from recycled products, they’re recyclable as
well. Besides being reusable and recyclable, our water bottles are
BPA free & made in the USA.

3. Low Cost/High Profit School Fundraiser – Order bottles for as
low as 99¢ each and raise thousands for your school! Water bottles
work well for elementary school fundraising as well as junior and
high school fundraising. Offer personalized school water bottles in
your school store, at games and other school functions.

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Setting Up Your School Store

Operating A Perpetual School Fundraiser With A School Store

Schools, Teachers and Parent Resources
Student Supply offers schools, teachers and parents helpful resources regarding school supplies, school stores and back to school products and fund-raising tips.

School Store / Student Store Questions Answered

Why Open a School Store?
It’s a Win – Win – Win situation!

Raise Funds – Opening a successful school store can help tremendously in reaching your school fundraising goals!
Convenience – A school store provides students with a place they can always get needed supplies.
Teaching Tool – Operating a school store can be a valuable teaching tool. Students learn responsibility that comes with organizing and tracking sales, inventory, purchasing and profit margins.

How do you open a School Store?

Location – Whether your school store is a small room, a rolling cart or simply a table, locate your store in a high traffic area. In or around the lunchroom is ideal! Just make sure to have a place to lock up merchandise for the night.
Advisor – Typically, a PTA member or teacher can be enlisted to head up the program.
Hire Students – Announce to the school that applications are being taken for students who wish to work in the store. Depending on the size of your school you may need several people to run the store or just one or two if your school is small.
Product Supplier – These days it is more important than ever to spend your dollars wisely. Student Supply offers quality merchandise at competitive prices and . . . FREE Shipping! You can place your order online, by phone, mail or fax. If you’d like a catalog click the “Free Catalog” icon & we’ll send you a copy today. Questions? Call our toll free number; 800-426-6351. We are eager to answer any questions you may have.
Product Line – The Basics – Start out with basic supplies such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, paper & notebooks. Student employees are a great source for determining which products to sell – kids know what kids like!
Teacher Recommendations – Listen to teacher suggestions. They have definite ideas about what students need for the classroom.
Exclusive Products – Definitely think about adding custom imprint items to your store. Get your school name & mascot printed on pencils, dog tags or zipper clips – They are terrific sellers and exclusively yours; your customer can’t get them anywhere else!

Our customer service staff will be happy to suggest some best sellers. Be pro-active and reorder your best sellers in plenty of time. Also, refresh your product line with new merchandise to keep customers coming back to see what’s new.
Let us know if there are particular products you’d like to see us carry. We welcome suggestions!

Attract Customers – You already have a school full of customers. All you need to do is bring them in!
Advertise – Bring in the business by advertising over the school intercom & hanging posters around the school. Hand out flyers promoting product offerings. You can even hand out coupons for a free pencil just for visiting the store.
Important: Post clearly the hours the store will be open and the location.
Decorate – Use balloons and streamers and maybe a school banner for the grand opening!
Become a Hub – Make your school store the “go to” place; Post a school calendar with events and important dates. Sell tickets to school dances or football games through your school store.
Don’t Forget the Parents – Parents can be a huge support for your store. Send home product order forms featuring long-time favorites like custom school bumper stickers, water bottles, stadium cushions and other spirit boosting merchandise.
Keep Customers – There are lots of ideas for attracting customers; keeping them coming back is crucial.
Customer Service – Store employees should always provide knowledgeable and courteous customer service.
Product Availability – Product selection and stock should be monitored on a regular basis.
Hours of Business – Choose convenient times for your store to be open and be consistent with those times.

Build a relationship with your customers and they will come to rely on the school store as a good shopping source.

Once Your School Store is Up & Running, it’s Time to Tend to Business

Keeping accurate records of inventory purchases, product sales and store profit is key to running a successful school store.

Track Sales –Use a cash register or a calculator (preferably with a running tape) to keep track of sales. Every morning count the money you start with. At the end of the day, count the money you end up with. Invest in a locking cash box to keep money secure.
Take Stock – Check inventory levels daily or weekly depending on your school store traffic. Pay attention to top sellers and everyday products. Reorder in plenty of time to avoid running out of popular merchandise.
Do the Math – Have a profit margin goal and make sure you are meeting those goals by maintaining your gross profit margin:
Gross Profit = Selling price minus the cost.
Gross Profit Margin = Gross Profit divided by sales.
Stay on top of your gross profit and profit margin:

Stick to these few simple procedures & your school store will be easy to manage.

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