Custom School Backpacks for Your School Store

With school budgets being tight, fundraising is a common way to make extra money. Fundraising opportunities exist everywhere, and are frequently stressed as a means for providing extra money to a school system. If your school has its own school store, consider adding custom school backpacks to your array of products.

The school store is an excellent way to earn extra money for school. Products sold in the school store are often found nowhere else. A school that promotes school pride will have students eager to display their school colors on anything imaginable. With such customized items as nylon drawstring backpacks or zippered pencil pouches, your school store can help meet fundraising goals.

Drawstring backpacks are an excellent fundraising opportunity for school. These bags are small and lightweight. They’re easy to open and close. They’re tough and can hold many schools supplies.  It’s the perfect bag for gym clothes! Students can use it as a second backpack for those schools that have “A” & “B” day class schedules.

Have school backpacks available at the beginning of each semester. Once a few backpacks sell and are seen around school, all students will want one!  In the fall, these school backpacks can be sold to the eager incoming class. Others can be kept in the school store for year-round purchase.

Custom school backpacks are commonly ordered in the school’s colors. However, the school doesn’t need to be limited to only one color. Backpacks are available in many school colors.  If your school colors are red and blue, mix it up; order some blue bags and others can be red. This will provide variety, and students may want to purchase all the available colors to have a selection.

Drawstring backpacks are easy to order.  Submit your school name and or message along with your school mascot.  Email your school mascot in black & white jpeg format or choose a school mascot from the list available.  Your custom school backpacks will be truly unique.

School backpacks can be ordered in bulk and kept in stock for a long time. They take up very little space in boxes on shelves, and can be easily displayed in a school store or for a fundraiser at the beginning of semesters.

Consider adding custom school backpacks to your school’s lineup of spirit gear today.


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