Pre Packaged School Supplies; the Perfect "Back to School" School Fundraiser

Acquiring school supplies for back to school can be a major headache for parents and schools.  Typically a parent will have to shop several stores to get everything on a class room supply list.  Schools collect and distribute up-to-date supply lists containing all the information for individual teachers to all the area stores which can become problematic. Some schools even order school supplies in bulk and then have to sort everything out and manufacture their own.

School supply packs will reduce the headache and hassle for parents and schools.  Every school has a tight budget. When used correctly, school supply packs can be your smart “Back to School” school fundraising choice.

These packages take the headache out of mass ordering in several ways. The order form has over 100 different elements commonly needed for back to school. The school simply selects what they need from the list. Each school supply pack that is ordered comes in its own individual box that is clearly labeled. All the school needs to do is distribute the appropriately marked box to a student who has ordered school supplies.

Fundraising is an excellent way to earn extra money for a school system. As your smart “Back to School” fundraising choice, school supply packs are designed to be easy to sell… The school selects the school supplies needed for a specific grade, and the worksheet automatically calculates cost per supply pack and potential profit.

As with any fundraiser, up front cost is always an issue with public schools. As your smart “Back to School” school fundraising choice, school supply packs ordered from don’t have to be paid for upfront. The school does not have to remit payment on the packages until thirty days after delivery. This gives the school plenty of time to collect payment from students or parents. Shipping is free in the contiguous United States.

These packs can be your smart “Back to School” school fundraising choice in several ways. Schools may order a number of school supply packs and inform parents that they may be paid for and picked up at the school at a certain time; possibly the week before school starts, or even the first week of school. Any packs not purchased by students can always be opened and the contents placed for sale at normal prices in the school store.

Pre sell school supply packs in the spring by sending home parent order forms listing the contents of the pack and the cost.  Once they see what all is included for the price, parents will realize how great the savings are. Advertising encourages parents to pre order the supply pack for delivery at the start of the fall semester.

School supply packs may also be sold outright in the classroom. This option can be mentioned on the school supply lists sent out to the different stores. Such easy advertising techniques will allow extra packages to be sold at your school. School Supply Packs are a smart school fundraising choice and have the potential to raise a lot of funds for your school while saving parents money and time.


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