Custom School Backpacks are a Great School Fundraiser

Selling school backpacks as a school fundraiser is a great way to generate some funding for your school. Most students use a backpack everyday.  They carry all kinds of personal belongings including school supplies and gym clothes. Parents will be more willing to purchase a custom school backpack for their child.

As a school fundraiser, it’s a good idea to offer backpacks unique to your school that are cost effective an offer quality and durability. Drawstring backpacks are simple to use; there are no zippers; only a drawstring to cinch the pack closed. They’re attractive as they are imprinted with your school name and mascot.  Best of all, the price is very competitive.

The idea of a personalized backpack gives students a way to show their school pride.  School pride is contagious and soon all students will want a school backpack.  Now you have a product unique to your school that students can’t get anywhere else and your backpack fundraiser will really take off!

There will always be a need for school backpacks and you will want to keep them in stock. Typically, local retailers carry backpacks only for back to school so make them available in your school store all year and when a child needs a replacement, they can get one right away.  Parents will appreciate the convenience.

Since you can order custom imprinted school backpacks at volume pricing, the more you order, the lower the cost.  The lower your cost, the higher your school fundraising profit.  With as much as 50% off the suggested retail price, you can more than double your profits with each backpack you sell. You will have the chance to generate a considerable amount of profit in a very short period of time.

Choose your backpack color, the imprint color and decide on the school mascot you’d like to use.  Your unique imprint will be created and sent for your approval.  Placing an order for custom imprint products is easy online or by phone 800-426-6351.  You are going to find that these backpacks can pretty much sell themselves, you will just need to keep your shelves stocked and let the students know that they are available.

The sooner you order, the sooner you see your school fundraising $$$!

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