School Dog Tags Build School Spirit

Custom Imprinted dog tags can become an amazing school fundraiser if properly advertised to students. School dog tags can be sold in the school store, offered as a fundraiser for certain events, and even given away as an award.

Get school spirit going with school dog tags.  The best selling school dog tags are usually very basic; an aluminum tag imprinted with the school’s name and mascot.  Change up the design from time to time to get students excited about collecting all their school dog tags.  Dog tags for are available in many colors. The most common colors are silver and gold. Designs are custom made by the school.  The name of the school can be printed across the top or bottom of the mascot or in a circle surrounding the mascot. There is also the option of a multi-color imprint.

Aside from wearing dog tags on a chain around your neck, they can also be attached to backpacks, duffel bags and key chains.  Students can turn dog tags into zipper pulls for jackets or purses.  Promoting creative ways to wear school dog tags will get students and teachers excited about purchasing more than one dog tag to display.

School dog tags can be a true moneymakers for school fundraising.  Order school dog tags for special events.  Award ceremonies, academic competitions or specific school functions are the perfect opportunity to offer imprinted dog tags. Any message or any design can be imprinted to suit your needs.

A popular time for dog tags is graduation.  Have school dog tags imprinted with the graduation year.  Have 3 or even 4 different years imprinted; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors will all be proud to wear the year of their graduation.  Individual sports teams can have their own dog tags imprinted.  Kids with lots of school spirit will want to have one for each popular sport the school participates in.

For special events, school dog tags will make wonderful fundraising opportunities. Other custom events that can have dog tags sold for include field trips, prom, and special after-school events such as dances.

Finally, the school can promote further collection of dog tags by giving special versions of dog tags for kids away as rewards. Achievements such as perfect attendance and honor roll are wonderful opportunities to give rewards to students who have earned them. Having these dog tags available may also encourage other students to do better in school so that they can get these dog tags for their collection too.



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