Mechanical Pencils for Your School Store

Mechanical pencils are usually made from plastic and have a receptacle to store graphite lead.  They are favored by students for many reasons:  They are economical; typically there are 3 leads in a mechanical pencil, they’re practical because they never need sharpening; just advance the lead for a fresh sharp point.  Mechanical pencils last a long time because they can be refilled.  Mechanical pencils come in several point sizes; while .7mm lead is the standard, there is also .5mm lead for fine writing and .9mm lead for a broader write.

Mechanical pencils are available in many different designs and colors ranging from NFL or assorted professional sports to standard Bic Mechanical Pencils and Papermate Mechanical Pencils.  There are mini and earth friendly mechanical pencils.  Choose a “side click” or “click top” lead advance style.  Many customers prefer a mechanical pencil with a built in grip like the Metallic Grip Mechanical Pencil.

Bic Mechanical Pencils, like many other items in school stores can be imprinted with your school’s name and mascot. These can be used for motivational awards, such as student of the week awards. Custom imprinted mechanical pencils are an excellent school supply item for your school store.

School store supplies are usually found in catalogs or online.  One of the best sources that works closely with schools nationwide is This website specializes in handling all types of motivational and organizational school supplies. Many of these products can be imprinted or designed with specific logos and colors to boost interest in schools and raise funds for various projects or field trips.

Have mechanical pencils available for use in the classroom as well as in the school store so students and teachers alike can to use them in every day classroom work.  In your school store, feature mechanical pencils in a highly visible location because students always need something to write with!  Be sure to have plenty of lead refills to sell right beside the pencils.  This insures your customers will come back to you when their mechanical pencil is empty.

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