Customized Pencils for Your School Supply Store

There are many school supplies that are considered a little mundane despite the fact they are a “must have” in order for students to complete their work. One such supply would be the common, ordinary pencil which is so commonplace in school it can be taken for granted. Make every day school pencils STAND OUT!  Imprint school pencils with your school name and mascot. In addition to school pencils providing students with a unique writing instrument, the school itself can benefit thanks to the promotional nature of personalized pencils and their fundraising value.

Let’s take a closer look at the value these personalized pencils have to offer:

Custom school pencils are exactly what their name implies. These pencils have a school name or message and mascot unique to your school. Once imprinted, these customized pencils can then be sold in your school’s supply store. Every student that uses a school pencil feels a little more school spirit every time they write.

What would these personalized pencils say? Really, there are no limitations. The school’s name or slogan, inspirational words and phrases, the school’s mascot, or other visual images can be imprinted on pencils. Customized pencils reflect a personalized image that is unique to your school alone.

School pencils have a great deal of promotional value.  Besides selling them at school, you might distribute them in the community to draw attention to what’s happening at your school. One possibility is to imprint pencils with all the game dates listed for a specific school sport.  By circulating custom imprinted school products in the community, you may find the local community starts attending the school’s games and events. The added ticket sales to school games could definitely prove to be a huge help for those schools in need of generating revenue.

Custom school pencils are relatively inexpensive. They can be produced and delivered to your school for as little as 15¢ each.  The low price of producing the pencils boosts the fundraising potential.  School pencils can retail for 25¢: that’s a profit of 10¢ per pencil!

Never overlook the value of creativity in the design of personalized pencils. Standard, run of the mill, generic pencils may be functional but they can be purchased anywhere. With the right slogan or image, you can make your school pencil truly memorable. Custom school pencils are far more appealing since they can only be acquired from your school supply store.

For any school wishing to raise promotional awareness or simply raise school funds, offering customized pencils can prove to be a perfect – yet simple strategy. One of the best aspects of promotional pencils is that people always use them. Unlike hats or mugs, customized pencils won’t find their way into a closet where they will remain sight unseen. Of course, at some point, pencils do need to be replaced which means they are year’ round sellers. Once you list all the benefits of customized pencils, you realize that having an ample supply of them in the school store is a wise idea.

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