Custom Imprinted Products for Your School Store or School Fundraiser

Fundraising for schools has become an established way to pay for extracurricular activities such as school field trips or needed school supplies that are not in the typical school budget. One way to accomplish fundraising is to sell custom imprinted products that are emblazoned with the school name and mascot in school colors. Student Supply is the place to find and order these personalized products for your school. They are established in providing the best products for fundraising as well as school supplies that are needed every day in the classroom.

Custom imprinted backpacks, bumper stickers, silicone bracelets and sports bottles are just a few of the school spirit items that students just have to have to show pride in their school! The sales from products imprinted with school names and mascots can be very successful in helping schools meet their fundraising goals.  These items can be used as prizes and awards for contests in school. One of the most popular custom imprint products is school dog tags.  Students will wear them proudly! Organizations within the school such as band or sports teams offer imprinted school products to raise funds for uniforms or equipment.

Pencils, bookmarks, and notebooks imprinted with positive messages can be used to help students complete a goal or series of goals such as behavior improvement or perfect attendance.  Create a custom imprinted award by designing a zipper clip with the message; “Student of the Week” or handing out key chains to academic achievers that say “Honor Roll”.

Personalized and or custom imprinted school supplies will make students feel like they are part of the group because they are participating in school spirit.  Identity is important and when students identify with the school or team, they will have a better attitude which carries over into school work. One item that teachers and staff use to promote identity is an imprinted lanyard.  Personalized lanyards can be imprinted with the school name and mascot and they are available in many school colors.  If all school personnel and volunteers wear a school lanyard, it becomes easy to spot someone who doesn’t have authorization to be in the building.  Pens, pencil pouches and folders are used extensively in the school setting.  Have these items available in your school store with the school name in school colors and students will be showing their school spirit everyday!

Designing a specific custom imprint for a group of students or school to use as a fundraiser is a great way to teach lessons about how the process works. Students can create their own ideas and have Student Supply transfer those designs to stadium cups, buttons, tattoos or any of the many custom imprint products available.  Imprint products are a great way to involve students, parents, staff and faculty of schools in raising funds for needed school supplies and equipment to benefit the school and the students for years to come.

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