School Fundraising With School Water Bottles For Successful School Fundraisers

How To Raise Thousands For Your School Fundraiser With Our Personalized Water Bottles.


1. Spirit Boosting School Fundraiser - Your school name and
mascot can be imprinted on both sides of our plastic water bottles.
Mix lid and bottle colors to match school colors! Take advantage
of school pride and school spirit for fundraising in schools with these
fantastic water bottles.

2. “Green” School Fundraiser – Reduce waste by deleting the need
for disposable plastic water bottles. Our water bottles are dishwasher
safe and made from reclaimed plastic beverage and food containers.
Not only are they made from recycled products, they’re recyclable as
well. Besides being reusable and recyclable, our water bottles are
BPA free & made in the USA.

3. Low Cost/High Profit School Fundraiser – Order bottles for as
low as 99¢ each and raise thousands for your school! Water bottles
work well for elementary school fundraising as well as junior and
high school fundraising. Offer personalized school water bottles in
your school store, at games and other school functions.

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