Top Selling School Supplies for Your School Store

In order to have constant income flowing into your school store, you will need to keep the most popular school supplies in stock at all times. Student shoppers will frequent the school store when they need to replenish supplies or when they see something new and exciting offered!

Customized pencils will be one of the largest sellers at your school store. Students Pencils are frequently lost or broken and being able to replace them at any time of day is important. Custom pencils can be designed in school colors and with the school mascot imprinted on them. For those students who feel that a regular pencil isn’t the best writing tool, customized mechanical pencils will be big sellers as well. Both types of pencils can be customized in school colors, with different images and sayings on each. These customized products are exclusive items for your school store.

Pocket folders are another common item in the school supplies section. Every student needs pocket folders; they are an essential part of learning organizational skills. The student who doesn’t have a pocket folder for every class will find themselves plagued by missing homework, misplaced report cards and forgotten permission slips. These pocket folders are available in multiple colors and styles. One of our most popular folders is the Poly Pocket & Prong Folder.  Durable and strong, poly folders are built to last. Poly Pocket Folders are available with or without prongs.  Poly folders can be ordered in an assortment or by individual color.  You can even customize school folders with school name and mascot.  Keep a steady stock of school folders available as students will need replacements through out the year; especially at semester time when classes change.

Report folders are another popular school supply item. These common folders are designed with both pockets and prongs to hold reports that students submit in a bound fashion, preventing the need to have staples.

Pencil pouches are another frequently purchased item. Students who are learning organizational skills will find these pouches to be invaluable. Many of these designs can be clipped into the student’s binder, making them easy to bring along. Students will want a pencil pouch in every binder they carry.  School pencil pouches come in a wide variety of colors and can be custom printed with your school’s mascot.

Pencil boxes are another organizational item and a necessity especially in elementary school. Not just for pencils, many students will want a variety of school boxes to keep in their lockers or book bags, stocked with the everyday things that they will need while they’re in school.

School stores should be well stocked with these and other basic school supplies in order to insure that students have a place to go for school necessities.   Draw student shoppers with the basic school supplies and keep them coming back by offering new, exciting and exclusive school store merchandise.


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