Magnetic Locker Accessories for the Stylish yet Functional School Locker

A school locker should be both stylish and functional. Students of all ages want their school lockers to be cool and visually appealing. Bright colors can really spruce up a locker! Magnetic locker accessories are one way to brighten up a drab locker and organize space at the same time.

Magnetic locker cups, mirrors and dry erase boards allow students to make use of the inside of their locker doors. A basic school locker can be transformed into a functional space with the right accessories.

The most simplistic accessory for the inside of a locker is the locker magnet. These are simple locker magnets that come in a variety of colors. They can be used to hang papers, pictures, and other items on any flat surface of the locker. These magnets are stylish and much more interesting than using adhesive tape to hang with.

Also available are custom imprint magnets.  Students love to decorate lockers with school spirit products. There are several custom imprint magnet ideas to choose from.

Magnetic mirrors are small mirrors fitted with magnets on the back.  All students want to look their best so locker mirrors are extremely popular in high schools & gym class where lockers are used.

Students love to display pictures of friends, family and themselves and what better way than custom magnetic picture frames made especially for lockers.  Magnetic picture frames make a student locker unique.

Magnetic pencil cups are super functional as they allow students an organized area inside their locker to keep pencils, pens and other school supplies. While made for writing utensils, these cups are great for storing any number of items; keys, earrings, lunch money and more.

When students combine two or more of the magnetic locker accessories listed here, they can add style to their lockers while making their space more functional. These accessories come in handy for organized students but they’re are also quite popular with students that just love to decorate.

Parents are typically willing to purchase magnetic locker accessories because they are affordable and provide clear benefit to their children.  Locker accessories are a smart idea for your school store.

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