Popular School Supplies for Back to School

Teachers are ready to meet their new students and start teaching. The lockers are ready to be filled with backpacks. The principal is excited to kickoff a new school year. Everything is ready for the children to return from summer break, but is your school store filled with school supplies? Have you stocked the shelves with merchandise kids will need to buy when they hit the halls? If not, right now is the time to get these popular school supplies and put your school store in the back to school spirit. You can place your order now and have it delivered whenever you like.  You won’t be billed until your order ships.

You cannot have a proper back to school launch without an assortment of writing utensils.  After all, students are required to bring pencils to class, right? Many students may not have the cash in hand to purchase t-shirts and other higher priced items in your store, but the majority will stop in for a pencil or a highlighter when they are in need. If you can supply these things, then you can do big business with these small essentials.

Start your merchandise list with custom imprint school pencilsPencils with the name of your school can be ordered in bulk inexpensively and they are extremely popular with kids of all ages. If you have an assortment in your school store, you will find students stopping in all the time when they need a new pencil.

Follow up with mechanical pencils, since many kids prefer them over pencils that have to be sharpened. .7mm mechanical pencils are the most popular for school.  You may not need as many of these pencils as you do customized pencils, but your store will do well with a nice assortment. Again, you can order them in bulk at rather affordable prices.  Make sure you offer lead refills along side mechanical pencils as students will certainly look for refills.

Finally, make sure your writing utensil section includes highlighters of varying colors. You may go with standard yellow highlighters, but many kids do prefer pink, blue, or orange. Think about what is on the school supplies list for your school when determining the basic colors to offer in this department.

Book covers for textbooks are standard on most school supply lists. Not only do they protect books from damage, but it allows students can express a bit of personality. Stretch Fabric book covers are washable, re-usable and come in many sizes, patterns and solid colors.  There are also personalized book covers available that can be imprinted with the name of your school, your school mascot, or any design you like.

Pencils, mechanical pencils, sharpeners and erasers are among the most popular school supplies for all school stores, but you will find that other items are incredibly popular at your school. For upper grades, having decorative items for lockers will make the store quite popular.  Parents appreciate it when kids can pick up needed school supplies at school, so they do not have to make a special trip to the school store.

Start with the basic school supplies listed here and then think about what your students need and want to fill the rest of your shelves.


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